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A word from one of our summer camp helpers

Posted on: 31st March 2016 | Category: Camp Staff

During my first summer at Surval, I spent a lot of my time admiring the breathtaking view of Lac Leman from my balcony. I couldn’t get enough. Neither could I quite believe that I was working at a summer camp in Switzerland. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I quickly got the hang of things.

As a Surval summer camp helper, my role is to lead and accompany the girls in their activities. Watching them challenge themselves and bond over the wide range of organised activities, is an amazing thing to witness. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to encourage and help the girls whilst being in the midst of all of the fun and action.

Being located so close to the lake, means lots of adventurous sessions such as stand up paddle boarding and sailing as well as some more relaxed ones, like visiting the Montreux Jazz Festival. There’s something so incredible about leading the 10 – 16 year old campers. Their energy and enthusiasm when they are enjoying themselves is off the scale, so it is rewarding to see them having fun, especially when you know you have had a part to play in that.

But summer camp for me is about much more than simply having fun and making good memories. It’s about building lasting relationships with people I wouldn’t normally connect with in my day to day. At Surval, it’s like we have the whole world united under one roof, each one of us, girls and staff members, representing a different culture and people group.  I have learnt so much from talking to the girls and other staff members about their countries and customs.

The biggest thing that has kept me coming back to summer camp here has to be the sense of community that I have felt. It doesn’t matter who you are, you could be a camper, a leader, a driver or a caterer, you are respected as a part of the community as much as the next person.

Surval has become like a summer home away from home for me and I’m super excited to see what summer 2016 has in store!


Surval Summer Camp helper 

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