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Surval Summer Adventure and Culture Camps

Girls choose a different theme for each week of their Summer Camp experience. Discover the 6 Camp themes:

  • Culinary Arts

  • Performing Arts

  • Visual Arts


  • Land 

  • Water

Surval Adventure and Challenge Camps

These three camps target Land, Water and New Limits, pushing the boundaries of what your daughter thought she was capable of in the fantastic environment in which the school sits. 


Dry land Camp

Focus on land based sports such as cycling, climbing and horse riding. This camp is ideal for non-swimmers or girls who lack water confidence giving them a taste of water activities during a dry land focussed week. 

Water Camp

Largely focus on lake and river activities. It is therefore important that students who select a water camp are already water confident, allowing them to enjoy the activities offered. 

Surval Culture Themed Camps

Discover the Cultural Themes for this year's Summer Camp at Surval!


Develops students' practical culinary skills, combining Swiss culinary culture with our fantastic access to local resources creating an unforgettable week. 


Provides students with a taster in a variety of visual arts skills from painting to sculpture, all whilst experiencing the wealth of cultural arts experiences Montreux and the wider area have to offer. 


This is more than a drama week, preforming arts are crucial to girls developing their confidence and presence. This camp will both challenge and develop your daugter's confidence, gaining self awareness and presence. 


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; this camp is for the budding female scientists and engineers of the future, drawing on our fantastic location with access to the world renowned CERN centre, inspiring and fostering curiosity.


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