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Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers some of the questions parents often ask us about before their daughter joins the Surval Summer Camp.


Are students tested upon arrival to make sure they are in the correct language class?

Girls who are complete beginners are not tested. Girls who have studied the language before will sit a brief placement test to establish their language level.


What if my daughter does not speak English or French?

We have a team of experienced house staff, who speak various languages, including French, English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Russian amongst other languages. These staff are experienced in communicating with our international community and ensuring girls are able to understand and feel happy and safe.


How many students are there in each class?

Language classes are arranged with an average of 8-12 students per class. For activity themes, these are arranged in groups of up to 14 girls.


Is it possible to have extra private language lessons?

It is possible to request extra private language lessons, subject to availability.  However, please be aware that girls will have 3 hours of language tuition per day Monday-Friday.  Private language classes would take place at the end of the day - when girls generally like to relax and enjoy evening activities. 


Can my daughter have extra horse riding lessons?

If girls are keen to horse ride they should join the Adventure ‘Land’ Camp which includes horseriding.


Can my daughter have tennis lessons with a coach?

Yes, private tennis is available on-site in the evenings subject to advance booking. Private lessons are 150.- CHF per hour, group sessions are 75.- CHF per hour.


What will students who do not go on the weekend trips do?

Students who do not go on the weekend residential trips enjoy local excursions.  They will explore Geneva/Bern (alternating) on Saturday, enjoy a Swiss raclette evening in the house and then go to the Water Park on Sunday. They by no means ‘miss out’.


Can you accept students who are 9 years old at the time of the camp but who will turn 10 in 2024?

Yes we are open to exceptions, on a case by case basis.  If you are interested in your daughter joining the camp, but she is only 9, please get in touch to arrange a call.  


What are the rooming options?

Girls are roomed in groups of 2-4 girls.  Our priority is to ensure girls of similar ages are sharing with each other.  Beyond this, we try to mix nationalities where possible to optimise the international experience.  A lot of care is put into arranging rooming to ensure that each girl's needs are met. We do our best to ensure girls will stay in the same room throughout their camp.  

If you are coming with sisters/family/friends, and have a particular request for them to share, please ensure this is requested via email in advance.  Changes cannot be requested on arrival. 


What is the best time to arrive on Sundays?

Between 10am and 2pm is ideal as this allows our team to support the girls when they arrive. It is also when the house is quiet, so it allows girls to explore and settle in at their own pace. 


What is the best time to depart on Saturdays?

Between 10am and 2pm is best as it ensures we can prepare your daughter fully for departure. 


Are there weekly outings to Montreux for the girls to go shopping, have an ice cream etc?

Girls will have time every Thursday to explore Montreux and Vevey.  There are also evening activities arranged by the house team where girls can walk down into the town.


How are etiquette lessons taught in the summer?

Etiquette is a core value of all Surval programmes.  For Summer Campers wanting to get a taster of formal Etiquette, optional Etiquette activities will be arranged as part of evening activities every week.


How much pocket money should I give my daughter?

Girls should not need much money during the week as the camp fee is all inclusive. They may want some pocket money for snacks and souvenirs in Montreux, Geneva or on their residential trip.  100.- CHF per week is a guideline.


Can I visit my daughter?

Yes, of course. Please communicate with the Boarding Co-ordinator in advance to find a suitable time to visit.


Do you have a list of the weekly activities in each camp?

Yes, please refer to the camp brochure.


Is it possible for my daughter as a Senior to join a mixed activity camp like the Junior Camp programme?

This is not something we accommodate readily, however, we are open to discussing it, depending on the age of the girl. The activities arranged for the Junior Camp are tailored to their age group, and vice versa.  We carefully plan these camps to ensure that girls are mixing with age-appropriate peers. 

Please be reassured that Senior Camp girls will still enjoy a varied week of activities: their chosen camp theme will cover Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri afternoons.  On Thursdays all girls (Senior and Junior Camps) join Lake Day together.  The evening activities cover a range of activities including Arts and Sports.


My daughter enjoys cooking but I am not sure if the Culinary Arts camp will be too much for her?

In a week of Culinary Arts the girls have 3 sessions of cooking, 1 lake day and 1 excursion, so the week still includes a variety of activities. They also have the opportunity to explore other activities in the evenings, including Art and Sports activities. 

If you have any other questions not answered above, our Admissions Department will be happy to help you. Alternatively, you can apply now!

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