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Introducing our Summer Camp leaders 2015

Posted on: 10th February 2015 | Category: Summer Camp 2015

With the Surval Summer Camp a mere months away we are delighted to introduce our Summer Camp leaders; Amy and Adam. They are looking forward to welcoming girls from around the world to the camp, and ensuring they have a truly unique summer experience with us!

Amy Rogers

Amy Rogers was for two years a member of the full time staff at Surval, as Director of Enrichment, organising all our excursions and co-curricular activities. She managed 9 trips each year to a wide range of international venues. A major part of her job was running summer camp, and although she now lives in Spain she was delighted to return to Surval to work with Adam.

All the girls found Amy a bright and cheerful person, always optimistic and ready to overcome any difficulty, turning it into a success. Amy loves all outdoor and indoor activities in camp, and herself is an accomplished sports woman. She knows the Montreux area very well, has liaised with the local companies, and has explored lots of excellent activities from tree top adventure on the high wires, to wake boarding, and the weekend in EuropaPark.

Campus team building, seeking new adventure opportunities and helping to build confidence and enjoyment are just some of Amy’s strengths. She has worked in the boarding environment and understands the occasional homesickness girls may suffer. Girls who have previously been at camp return year on year, some even coming back as helpers when they become too old for the camp itself!  We know that you will be very happy to get to know her-or to welcome her back if you are an old hand at camp!

Adam Kirkman

Adam has been teaching at Runnymede School in Madrid, and speaks ‘quite good’ Spanish as well as English. He has been running summer camps for a Spanish company, Diverbo, every summer for the past five years.  Diverbo run 9 camp locations every year throughout Spain and each camp has 100 children/teenagers per week. So Adam is well equipped to lead us at Surval!

I asked Adam what activities he could offer to the girls: 
“I have lots of ideas to make camp fun, as well as a learning opportunity. 
I play lots of sport-football, hockey, Frisbee, dodge ball, swimming games and mini Olympics: 
I like to introduce language games and conversation activities so you can all learn languages quickly and have fun
I invent team games, like photo scavenger hunt, capture the flag, fair day, so we all get to know each other
And evening activities like ghost walk, fashion design and show and of course the parties!”

Those are just a few of the new ideas and excitement Adam will bring to our camp this year! He is looking forward very much to joining Surval and working with his co-leader, Amy, whom many of you will know

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