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My Surval Summer Camp experience

Posted on: 17th April 2018 | Category: Summer Camp 2017

Al Anoud from Qatar joined the Surval Summer Camp with her sister in 2017, and is now excited to be returning for another action packed summer experience at our all-girls summer camp in Montreux, Switzerland.

I spent my first Summer Camp at Surval last summer for two weeks, and I had a wonderful time. 

During my stay there I joined lots of different activities, both indoors and outdoors. We also went on trips to Geneva and Bern in Switzerland, and also Berlin and Nice in Germany and France.

My favourite indoor activities were probably art, lazer games and etiquette lessons. I really enjoyed them because I tried something new and really learned from it.

Of course at a summer camp, most of the activites were outdoors, and I really enjoyed going to the beach and doing water sports such as banana boating, stand up paddle boarding, water skiing and beach volleyball. I also really enjoyed tennis, football, go karting, visiting the Aquapark and rafting. What I loved the most about these activities is that we were a great group of girls trying these things together and I made lifelong friends. 

I chose to attend French lessons during my stay at Surval Summer Camp, and every morning we would wake up, have breakfast and then go to our classes for three hours in the morning before heading off to the various activities we had signed up for. I really improved my French during the camp, as I learned new words and practiced with my new friends in class and around Montreux. 

I absolutely loved my stay at Surval Summer Camp, and in my opinion the camp offers loads of fun. I made so many new friends, and really look forward to returning for another stay at the camp this summer. 

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