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A look back at the Summer Camp 2014

Posted on: 7th August 2014 | Category: Summer Camp 2014

Surval Summer Camp 2014 has been a great success with girls joining us from all around the world and having a fantastic time! So many have said they want to return that we may have to extend the dates next year! Do look at the photo and video gallery to see why everyone enjoyed themselves so much, and see what the girls have to say about the summer camp in the video below.

First and foremost, each student has certainly left with improved English or French language skills along with a variety of new vocabulary from the languages of their new- found friends. The girls made the most of the interactive language lessons by singing songs, performing role plays, speaking with staff and local residents and watching films after learning the fundamental grammar points. 

''Staying at Surval this summer made me realise that you can always learn something new; either a language or a lesson for life.''

Afternoon activities were filled with a huge variety of choice. The students enthusiastically made the most of this by trying many new things. Creativity breathed from within the art studio with talented painting , fashion design, drama and jewellery making.The dance studio alternated between the passionate moves of ballet, flamenco and hip hop with the sweat from fitness and aerobics. Minds were challenged with board games, puzzles and mathematics activities. Outdoors we swam, cycled, hiked, went horseback riding and played tennis. 

With Europe's largest lake at our doorstep, many girls tried rafting, sailing, water skiing, wake boarding, pedalos and windsurfing. Each and every girl was challenged while at Summer camp, clearly evident by the mixed squeals of excitement and terror at Europa Park, Disneyland, Aqua Park and the Tree Top Assault Course. 

''This camp was an experience I'll never forget. Not only the camp but the friends are made are for life. After four weeks I can now say that this summer camp was an amazing summer to remember. I will miss everything.''

All girls looked forward to the day trips each week, to experience Switzerland in its many varieties. Museums, tourist attractions and streets were explored in Bern, Lausanne, Vevey, Geneva, Yvoire and Gruyères. The Cailler chocolate factory tour was as always eagerly awaited where surprisingly the tasting room took up most of our time!                          

Swiss National Day on the 1st of August was a highlight for many. The morning began with a traditional farm brunch up in the mountains. Local cheeses, meats, fudge and fresh juices were all on offer. While eating we were also treated to some yodelling! The afternoon was spent in the mountain village of Gstaad before returning to a Swiss themed dining room to be served Raclette. Everyone was proud to be Swiss for a day! 

''Surval memories are the best ones you can make! You meet new friends, learn new things and have fun at the lake.''

''In this place, I found a great balance between sports, activities and lessons.''

Summer Camp's final night's talent show was a true indicator of the camp's success. It was incredibly pleasing to see a final act of all campers dancing together to the FIFA World Cup hit, "Put Your Flags Up in the Sky." Proud of their home country but being able to share experiences and learn from like - minded girls of different origins will be something the girls will never forget! 

''You will never experience something better than Surval!''

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