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Welcome to Surval Summer Camp on the Lake Geneva’s Riviera

Posted on: 24th April 2018

A few steps lead to the lake. Toes touch the water, there’s a broad smile and a stifled scream. But, here’s the surprise: the water isn’t cold at all! It is mid-summer in Montreux. The temperature is 29 degrees. Welcome to Lake Geneva’s Riviera. 

Throughout the summer, girls who decide to visit the stunning Montreux region are treated to numerous sporting activities. Just one hour from Geneva, we are situated between the mountains and the sparkling lake, also known as Lac Leman. 

At the Montreux Riviera Ski School, we are fortunate to organise the logistics and support the smooth running of Surval’s Summer Camp. And with the summer afoot, from the “Mountains to the Lake” is our motto. 

At the lake, reaching out for a steady hand, Surval girls board our motor boat for their first session of the day. Water ski, wakeboard, banana boat... what will it be? 

The engine blasts off to an unforgettable time. 

The boat passes some girls who are already on the lake, exploring at a more gentle speed on the Stand Up Paddle boards. 

It’s hard to imagine the unique feeling of gliding on pristine blue water, surrounded by the Alps, paddling away towards a UNESCO protected vineyard area: Lavaux. In a nutshell that is the experience of Surval Summer Camp girls who choose to try this new sport, having recently arrived in Switzerland from beach regions such as California and Australia. 

Back on firm ground, the next stop is Les Avants, where girls learn to climb and rappel from the rock wall, playing focus games, and enjoying the cool air in the larch forest of the higher ground overlooking the lake. The girls learn to trust each other under the watchful eyes of their instructors. How about taking this to the next step and hiking through caves to the highest peak on the Riviera at the Rochers-de-Naye? The view on the lake is just incomparable, probably one of the most marvelous landscape sight in Europe.

In the meantime, another group has signed up to hit the not so warm glacier waters in the gorges of the Haut-Pays Blanc. The backcountry of the Riviera allows those at Surval’s Summer Camp to tackle the raging waters on board a raft, passing through spectacular gorges.

Every wave creates such an adrenaline rush, the screams can be heard from a long way away.

Canyoning, another possibly activity in the Haut-Pays Blanc region is becoming a favourite among Surval summer visitors. They push their personal limits by waging by foot through friendly waters. Then the courage of the bravest is tested when the girls make daring jumps into pools beneath waterfalls. Their laughs and screams of joy are evidence of the fact they have pushed themselves beyond their personal limits, but still kept safe by our instructors, who wrap up the day. 

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