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Language and Culture

“If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world” - Wittgenstein

At Surval Summer Camp, we celebrate our international diversity – a real mix of cultures, customs, languages, religions, tastes, callings, interests… in short, a magnificent melting pot!

Surval girls enjoy being immersed in the language and culture of Switzerland. At Surval Summer Camp, girls can choose to learn French and / or English.  On weekdays, Senior Campers have their language lessons every morning, and Junior Campers have their lessons three times a week.

Learning is fun using films, songs  and role play, as well as more formal methods. Language is put into practice in the School community and, for those learning French, through their visits in the local area where French is the main language.

Classes are small, with up to six girls, and are taught by Surval staff.  All core skills are covered in the language lessons, and girls are encouraged to use their chosen language when speaking with teachers during the School day. 

Outside lessons, our main language is English, but for the more ambitious there is an opportunity to speak to instructors and local activity leaders in French. Confidence in using a language is key, and the local people of Montreux are always happy to help.

We remain true to our roots as a famous Swiss finishing school and continue to offer and include within our Camp timetable our unique Savoir-vivre programme:  art, culinary arts and etiquette,  refreshed and remodelled to equip modern young women for life.

"Throughout the past three weeks at Surval Summer Camp, I have gotten to know people from all over the world. During our French lessons in the morning and activities in the afternoon, we have grown into one community despite our nationalities. This unique experience has allowed me to visit another country and learn about its history, culture and language."

Marialex, Mexico

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