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Live the language

Live the language

Girls spend the morning studying a language, either French or English, as part of a fun programme. They learn grammar and vocabulary through French or English films, songs and role play, as well as more formal methods. They put their language into practice in the school community and, if they are learning French, through their visits in the local area where French is the main language. Classes are small, with up to 6 girls, and are taught by Surval staff, with some regular summer staff to ensure classes are kept small.

Listening, speaking, reading and writing are all practised in lessons, and girls are encouraged to use their chosen language when they speak to teachers during the school day. Outside lessons, everything takes place in English, but for the more ambitious there is an opportunity to speak to instructors and local activity leaders in French. Confidence in using a language is key, and local shopkeepers and drivers are always happy to help.

The teaching in English classes follows similar methods. In small groups, girls will gain new language skills through a combination of activities. There will be reading and lively discussion of stimulating abridged novels, talking about a variety of age-appropriate current affairs topics, and playing games designed to open up new areas of useful everyday vocabulary. The emphasis is on learning and having fun, in equal measure!    

During the first three weeks of camp when our Italian/German teacher is on site, girls may choose private lessons in one of these languages: these take place during the afternoon sessions and will be charged.

We encourage all girls to speak in English or French during the day, and to enjoy their own language in the evenings when they want to relax.


The perfect setting to live a language

Montreux is the perfect city to learn both French and English:

  • French is the language spoken in Montreux, and regular visits down to town enable girls to practise their language outside the classroom
  • Surval is an international camp, so the spoken language is English. Girls will be able to practise both their English and French during activities, with their new friends and staff

A unique summer experience in Switzerland

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