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Frequently Asked Question

The FAQ section below answers some of the questions parents often ask us about before their daughter joins the Surval Summer Camp. 

What level will my daughter be in her language lesson?

All girls are tested in their chosen language when they arrive so that they will be in a class corresponding to their level.

Is it possible to have extra language lessons?

Yes this is possible, these will be private lessons, which can be organised in the afternoon sessions from 13.00 – 18.30. Our Summer Camp Leader will speak to your daughter when she arrives and find a time that suits her.

When will my daughters’ private lesson be?

Private language lessons can be organised in the afternoon sessions from 13.00 – 18.30. Our Summer Camp Leader will speak to your daughter when she arrives and find a time that suits her.

Are there any other languages available?

Languages: girls do English or French in the morning lessons from 09.00 – 12.00. If they would like an additional language such as Italian or German, we will add this to their schedule in the afternoon. There is an additional charge for these extra private lessons.

Can we have these lessons as conversation lessons?  How long is one lesson?

Morning lessons are 1hour 15 minutes in length, afternoon lessons are 1hour 30 in length. Conversational lessons can be organised.

Can my daughter have piano or singing lessons?

These are not normally offered, however we can contact the teacher and see if she is available. As our music lessons will be private lessons, these will be arranged separately, therefore please note if you would like these lessons on your application form, the Summer Camp Leader will speak to your daughter to arrange these at a convenient time and depending on the teachers availability.

How many students are in the language lessons in the morning?

The average would be around 7 students, however this depends on your daughter’s level and which language she is studying.

Do we need to pay for private lessons before my daughter arrives?

We do not invoice the chargeable optional activities in advance, as some of them can only by organised during good weather. The amount due will be taken from the deposit.

When should we pay the deposit?

The deposit should be paid upon receipt of the invoice.

What does ‘Banking Reference’ relate to and what is required?

Banking reference: if you could just put the name of the bank which you will pay with – it is easier for us to track payments.

What amount of pocket money should my daughter take?

Pocket money: the younger girls in general have between 100.-/150.- Sfr per week.

If my daughter needs extra money during her stay at Surval, what can be done?

If she needs more pocket money, we can take it out of her deposit which is paid before she arrives.

What are the options for rooming? 

Bedrooms are for two or three girls. All rooms are en-suite shower rooms and almost all have balconies. If you would like your daughter to stay with her friend, please note this on the application form and we will try our best to accommodate it.

What is the best time to arrive on Sunday?

We suggest that students arrive between 11am and 17pm, but please confirm the time of your arrival beforehand.

What is the best time to depart on Friday?

We do not have any set departure time, although we suggest just after lunch so that your daughter has time to say goodbye to her friends.

Is the internet restricted?

Our students have access to websites according to their age throughout the day and in the evening. It is available to students from 07.00 – 23.00 daily.  

Is the transfer from/to Geneva airport included?

Yes it is included on set arrival/departure dates (arrivals Sundays/departures Friday).

It is not included for students who cannot arrive or depart on the set arrival/departure dates and therefore require a special transfer to or from Geneva Airport.

Can we get a transfer from/to Zurich airport?

We are happy to organize transport from/to Zurich airport, however this is an additional charge on any day.


A safe and friendly setting for your daugther

  • Surval Summer Camp is run by the school itself, and a senior member of the school staff is always on site
  • Our teachers all work during summer camp, with extra teachers for French who join us each summer to ensure small classes
  • Our staff will speak French and/or English plus additional languages such as German, Portuguese and Spanish

A unique summer experience in Switzerland

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