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Our expectations of girls

Our expectations of girls

At the Surval Summer camp we offer girls an exciting summer opportunity. In exchange, we have expectations of them which enable us to run a successful and happy camp which everyone will enjoy.

Inappropriate behaviour at camp would include, but is not limited to, possession or drinking of alcohol, smoking or possession of cigarettes, possession, abuse of or sharing drugs. Any such behaviour on or off the campus (e.g. on trips) would result in the most serious sanctions. We fully reserve all rights to send any student home at the parent/guardians’ expense should we perceive their behavior to be inappropriate. No refund will be made in such a case. Rudeness, dishonesty, isolating others or using unpleasant language to any in the whole camp community is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Fortunately any such behavior is very rare at camp.

For girls’ own safety, we ask each girl to ensure she does not compromise the safety of herself or others, such as dangerous behaviour on balconies or any ‘game’ that can lead to another being hurt physically or emotionally. We ask all girls to treat everyone on site with respect.  ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are expectations of all members of the community; kitchen and house staff especially like to be appreciated - and so do your teachers and activity leaders!

 All girls should keep valuables in their safes, or, in the case of money, with the school accountant. The safes are for each girl’s private use and should never be opened by anyone else. Similarly, the bedrooms are ‘home’ for those girls in them, and no girl should enter another girl’s room without permission, including through a balcony, or take anything from another girl’s room without permission.

We are very happy for girls to bring their mobiles, ipads etc (provided they are clearly marked) and girls take personal responsibility for them at all times. Mobiles must not be used during assemblies and briefings, lessons, or at mealtimes, as use of such devices is disturbing to others.

Finally, in line with our strong emphasis on safety, girls should always sign in and out of the building with the member of staff on duty when they leave for any reason, including on any kind of activity or visit.

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