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New for 2023! Summer Leadership Camp

We are excited to present the new Summer Leadership Camp for 2023 at Surval Montreux!

Our Leadership camp gives your daughter the chance to further her education outside of the classroom with the development of cross-cutting skills, allowing her to go beyond academic knowledge, towards the application of skills for success. 

This camp aims to prepare your daughter for her next steps in a challenging and evolving world, combining: communication, etiquette and global perspectives taught through explicit lessons, with self-confidence, grit and resilience developed through adventurous activities within our natural environment. This exciting new programme affords girls a unique and unmatched opportunity for personal development. 

Communication skills for personal and professional presence

Body language, Public speaking and Networking

Global Etiquette for Personal and Professional Success

Communication, Conduct, Hospitality, Dress and Dining

Social Enterprise and Global Perspectives for Tangible Impact

Charity challenge and experience

Adventurous Activities for Grit and Resilience

Finding new limits through expedition, water & land sports and cultural excursions 

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