Summer Camp 2019

“One of the most incredible experiences in my life!”

11 March 2021

Survalienne Maricarmen (2019, Mexico), joined Surval Summer Camp 2019 for 3 weeks and in her own words had “a blast of a time”!  Below, she tells us what made Surval Summer Camp so special and why she would recommend this all-girls’ Swiss holiday experience to all!

“Since I was little, one of the first things on my bucket list had been going to a summer camp.  I planned it for a long time but never thought it would be as amazing and that it would be one of the most incredible experiences in my life. 

Before going to camp I was super excited to see all the activities and do the schedule but since the moment I arrived there everyone was extremely welcoming and nice, they just made me feel safe and sure I was going to have so much fun. The first girls I met were all from different nationalities and even different continents. it was an amazing first impression but it just continued to get better day after day.

I was able to meet incredible staff and friends that I consider some of the best in my life because we created so many memories, good times and it is so impressing that I was there just for three weeks. Adding to the amazing people, the best roommates, staff; the activities are just a blast. I was able to do so many things I never thought I would be able to do.

Every single moment there was special, full of memories and experiences.  For me the highlight of my summer at Surval was Lake Day, I had so much fun every single time I went because there was always something new.

If there was a list of all the new things I learned or did during my 3 weeks at Surval, it would be endless. I went canyoning, paddle boarding, learned a new language, kind of learned to dance (I’Il never master my dance), met lifelong friends in no time, visited new places, learned to say hello and quite a lot of other phrases in many languages, did things on my own, believed in myself and opened up to others, I could go on and on.

Surval Summer Camp is the best experience I could ever have and I’m sure that it is also for everyone that goes there. If you haven’t gone yet and are thinking about living this experience, don’t hesitate because I’m sure you are going to create lifelong memories and have a blast of a time.”