News Summer Camp 2022

Surval summer camp: we’re about creating a rich, cultural learning experience

02 July 2022

Whilst Surval Montreux is synonymous with its breathtaking Swiss mountain scenery, the school also plays host to some of the best cultural learning experiences around, with fully qualified language teachers, even during the summer!

Every morning during Summer Camp the girls participate in ambitious, immersive language lessons, with the opportunity for private lessons in the afternoons. We take this beyond the classroom to ensure our girls ‘live the language’, which is why you will often find them on excursions into Montreux. The girls apply their learning by responding to different challenges, which will include seeking directions in the language they are learning, participating in singing, buying tickets, ordering drinks and so much more. Not only is this  an expectation for lessons - for each meal of their day, the girls are expected to order in their chosen study language, to embrace the culture and learn naturally.

Our summer camp also has fantastic opportunities to learn cooking and pastry making, enabling the girls to develop, apply and hone these skills over the course of the summer. Each girl has the chance to learn how a  range of traditional and modern European pastry and cookery dishes are made, as well as the technical skills behind these. In fact, did you know that Switzerland’s rate of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita is actually the highest in the world? Studying the culinary arts in Switzerland means you’ll not be far from inspiring cooking and incredible opportunities!

Our modern global etiquette is just another part of daily Surval life, with a unique perspective on the traditional class. We provide regular etiquette classes to the girls during Summer Camp and have a full programme during term time in the school year. We value the global perspective on etiquette as it helps learners gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, meaning that when they are learning languages, they can strengthen their new-found knowledge by understanding the culture in context. 

Surval Summer Camp is not just about providing a fun-packed summer, but also a rich, cultural learning experience like never before. If you want to seek more information about Surval, our different curricular programmes and more, you can see our prospectus here.